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Chief Joe Lawless IPM on 9/11

We would like to introduce you to our Board of Governors' Chair Chief Joe Lawless.  He is the retired Chief of Police from Boston's Massport Authority, a world-renowned expert in crisis management and counter-terrorism.  He was the Director of Public Safety for Boston's Massport on September 11, 2001.  There are so many untold stories from that day, and unfortunately, so many similar events from around the world continue.  Because of this, we are here to never forget our fallen, and to ensure the lessons learned and evidenced based practices are taught going forward.  This is done for one primary reason; to make a safer world.  From our entire team, we thank you for any effort you can make to assist us.

The Morrone Education Fund was established on   September 11, 2002  as a living memorial to the Superintendent of Police and Director of Public Safety Fred V. Morrone.  He was the highest official to perish on 9/11 along with 36 of his fellow officers. He was also the incoming Board President of the INTERPORTPOLICE. The board, pictured with Mrs Morrone at the Port Authority 9/11 Memorial one year after the tragic event.  To further expand the endeavours of our efforts the Morrone 9/11  Center was established as a stand-alone 501c3 non-profit in 2016.

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