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Actionable Branding

Evidenced Based Practices

Mass Communication Solutions

The world has come to know, See Something - Say Something, in many forms. We wanted to build on this and make this an ACTionalble interactive engagement and communication solution built on local trusted public safety authority information and community education. The goal is to provide a Prevention, Protection, and Preparedness plan that can be implemented with little effort or cost to make the world a safer place, one community at a time.

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Community Security Best Practices

Community security best practices and quality assurance management systems, along with a gap analysis are all included to assist an authority with greater safety knowledge based on world events and outcome solutions. 

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Andrew McCumpha
Head,  Standard & Practices


Train the Trainer Education

We start off with an LMS overview to hone in on the practices and lessons learned.  We then offer additional train the trainer and tactics that can be implemented for proven citizen engagment.

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Neville Hay
Director of Training
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Community Engagement Education

Educating the community environment is a necessity, and having the ability to interact with your community is essential.  We're working on a public affairs program and offering ready-made templates for quick implementation.


Community Communication & Collaboration


State of the art technology that brings external and internal mass communication solutions.  The Essential Plan was developed to offer a long-term affordable foundation for citizen engagement, computer-aided dispatching and internal information management; all in real-time based on relevant and timely information.  From mass notification to specific geofenced areas.  The use of an authorities social media channels offers immediate trusted interaction for operational to crisis information management.  CAD integration is optional to the Essential Plan.

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Mass Communciation

Unified Communications for Mass Transportation Environments

Unified communications is defined as IP-based communication devices being able to send, receive, and share information between devices across a local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN). It provides a consistent unified user-interface and user-experience across multiple campus, devices and media-types.

The benefit is one seamless solution that integrates into your existing and future data network, VoIP, or phone infrastructure. No requirements to maintain a separate cable infrastructure, and allow the ability to communicate from one medium to several other mediums to guarantee an effective communication solution.

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